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Camila Trindade Velib Paris

Hello, i am a designer from Rio, who loves the internet, interaction and simplicity to create enjoyable products.

I have a great interest in observing people, characters and behaviors.

In a context... What move people? What touch people? What make them feel emotionally connected and comfortable? Those are the questions that are important to answer when building a product.

I look forward to deal design questions and complexities with simplicity, search for core values and emotional bond. Also with an sharp eye to detail and microinteractions.

I do believe in storytelling and metaproducts to engage people. Iteration can lead a product to success due the continuous improvements. I also like to code my own projects and think its structure semantically on html and best use of css and responsive. I see Typography as a very important element to balance an interface.

I also ride a fixie bike called Celestine which I built last year. I practice yoga to well breath and be conscious of mind and body.

I have worked for Infoglobo (a major information company) and 6D (a design company) in Rio for the past years – my role was to develop digital products. Nowadays I look forward to reveal business potential by creating perspectives to digital environments and also embracing a user centered design approach.

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